Toads laying eggs, video


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Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid

This is a vampire squid. They are different from most squid, instead of tentacles they have what we like to call an umbrella bottom.

They also have very sharp teeth under the umbrella, they’re so sharp, within seconds, they can kill their prey and snap their head off.


Vampire Squid live in the pacific ocean and Indian ocean. Like most squid they live down deep in the waters, and are bottom feeders, but, like most squid, when they get the chance, they do like to hunt for their food.


Frogs & Toads, Whats The difference?

Frogs & Toads, Whats The difference?

FROGS, have thin, wet, smooth skin that has more color, they lay eggs in clusters, have very long legs, live in water, prefer to jump, and have a slim body type.

TOADS, have a thick, dry skin with bumps and are usually brown, lays eggs in a chain, they tend to have short legs, live on land, prefer to walk or use small hops, and have a stout body type.

I like to catch toads. We don’t usually find too many frogs where I live, but we have a lot of toads hopping around in the summer months. My brother and I catch them and take care of them for a little while as pets, and then we release them so they can go back to their natural habitat.
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fun facts on squid

Jessica s pictures 038

Did you know that squid are really strong?

I was watching a show called Man Eating Squid, it was really cool. This man wanted to swim with the squid, but that was a bad idea, because they are not nice at all, the squid started to pull him down under water and pulled the camera off his body and when they pulled it off it dislocated his shoulder.  At that point the diver was fighting for his life, trying to get back to the surface and into his boat.  He finally got back into his boat but not without injury.

Did you know that this particular man eating squid, travel in packs, like wolves?

When the diver went into the water, he was suddenly surrounded by a pack of squid.  They actually took turns attacking him, until they figured out the best strategy to get what they wanted, which was food (the man), but as I said above, the man made it back into his boat safely.