First thing that I want you to know is, cuttle fish are not fish, ps. do not get this confused. They are part of the cephalopod family like squid and octopus. Cuttle fish have a very wavy skirt that they use to swim and they have a tube called a syphon. They use the syphon to vomit out water to move faster. Their brain is bigger than their body. Their eyes are shaped like Charlie Brown’s mouth. They are colorblind and are very good at changing color even though they don’t know it. They feed on small fish and smaller cuttle fish by using their two feeding tentacles to grab the prey and putting it in their beak. Yes everyone, they have a beak. Their defenses include using ink and mucus. I close off with talking about their eggs. Their eggs are called seagrapes. I believe cuttle fish are amazing animals. I hope u do too and enjoy the picture below.

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Toads laying eggs, video

i think this is really cool check it out

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Vampire Squid

Vampire Squid

This is a vampire squid. They are different from most squid, instead of tentacles they have what we like to call an umbrella bottom.

They also have very sharp teeth under the umbrella, they’re so sharp, within seconds, they can kill their prey and snap their head off.


Vampire Squid live in the pacific ocean and Indian ocean. Like most squid they live down deep in the waters, and are bottom feeders, but, like most squid, when they get the chance, they do like to hunt for their food.


Frogs & Toads, Whats The difference?

Frogs & Toads, Whats The difference?

FROGS, have thin, wet, smooth skin that has more color, they lay eggs in clusters, have very long legs, live in water, prefer to jump, and have a slim body type.

TOADS, have a thick, dry skin with bumps and are usually brown, lays eggs in a chain, they tend to have short legs, live on land, prefer to walk or use small hops, and have a stout body type.

I like to catch toads. We don’t usually find too many frogs where I live, but we have a lot of toads hopping around in the summer months. My brother and I catch them and take care of them for a little while as pets, and then we release them so they can go back to their natural habitat.
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